We now have proof Trump Jr DID NOT call Trump about russia tower meeting.2 yrs worth of CNN lies and liberal brainwashing will it ever end ?

liberal TURD media has been telling us for 2 years that the blocked numbers called that day were to Trump and that equals "collusion". Now the senate report proves it is all bullcrap and Trump jr called his business associates to discuss russian adoption laws. MORE PROOF the actual collusion is between hillary and the turd media. https://www.newsweek.com/record-shows-trump-jr-did-not-call-father-prior-trump-tower-meeting-1314152 https://duckduckgo.com/?q=trump+jr+did+not+call&ia=news anonymous crackhead:Hillary clinton sold our strategic uranium reserves to Putin and pocketed bribe money through her fakeass charity,that is certainly TREASON.

Violation Nation!!

Nice Proof, propaganda bot. xD


Still waiting for the final report from Mueller, not the love fest from the Senate investigation. Time will tell, who has fell and whose been left behind. *Bob Dylan.


So Don Jr. didn't call his dad about the Trump tower meeting. Big deal. Who cares? It still took place. Trump sr. himself finally admitted that it was to get dirt on Hillary, after lying about it for a year or so! But the real news here is that Obama lied about liking Italian salad dressing to the waitress back before he met Michelle, because she was an attractive woman!


"Trump jr called his business associates to discuss russian adoption laws. " BLOL. Yeah, I bet they couldn't wait to discuss that.


Its disgusting that CNN will never tell us the truth about hillary-russia connections like uranium one

Christian sinner

It's a club, like a sport team. They aren't likely to be affected by someone else's argument or proof.


trump conspired with Russian spies during his campaign . I see that as treason .


It might end when they file some massive lawsuits for slander like Palin did to the NYT's. No one picks on her anymore.