I am buying a 1976 Mercury Marquis Brougham 2 door with a 460 V8 engine in it and I want to know what oil type it takes? Thanks!!?



The Ford 460 V-8 used the standard oil that all v-8's used during the time: 10W-30 OR 10W-40. Either one works well for those older V-8s.

Peter W

you said it's a 2 door, but what color is it???

don r

I wouldn't touch that behemoth.


Why would you do something stupid like that? I had the 4-door version of that car. Same year. The gas mileage of a 460 is about 10-13 mpg and there are so many danged vacuum hoses on that engine that you'll constantly be having problems with it. Also beware of electrical (ecu) problems. If you're going to own a big boat like that, buy pre-1972 so you avoid all the emissions crap on it that also makes maintenance a nightmare.