Lamborghini engine?

Im wondering how much miles lamborghini engine can go?

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Like all internal combustion engines, its lifespan will depend on how well its maintained and how it is used.


They are just engines, though obviously very high performance ones. They last just like other engines; if $$$$erviced, I'd expect 200,000 miles easy. The difference is, nobody really drives an exotic car as a daily so they have less miles on than your nana's Corolla


Most Lamborghini cars are owned by very wealthy owners who can not only afford “cloth of gold” maintenance where cost is no barrier, but see it as a necessity to protect the value of their investment. As such, the engines basically last however long they need to, and often see further service long after the car they were sold in has been scrapped or written off. Those engines either get used as transplants for those units which fail catastrophically (such as by putting a con-rod through the engine block) or get stripped down to provide spare parts. They also end up as spare engines for race-prepared Lambos. But Lamborghini are also a manufacturer of tractors: that’s how the company started and they still make them today. Those engines ate totally different to the car engines in terms of how they are expected to perform (relatively low RPM, very high torque) amd also have an excellent reputation for going on and on even without the cost-no-object maintenance of the car engines.


Probably the same as any other engine. But quad the cost in fuel it consumes compared to say a Honda. as a Lambo engine is 12 cylinder.


What they said. I looked up the 30k and 60k maintenance schedules for a Gallardo, and they're of course pricey, but there are no really weird things that have to be done.