In your opinion do support groups work?

i recently got diagnosed with a chronic pain condition (CRPS) and was told joining a support group could help. well, i joined a few groups and everyone is so negative on there and it is just making me feel worse about my diagnosis. am i joining the wrong groups? are support groups even worth it?


Keep looking until you find the right one. They are better in person than online. I had a small group in the 90s through the American Chronic Pain Foundation and it went really well until we got a new member that just sucked the life out of everyone and we disbanded. But it did help. The original members really tried to bring things to the table that were beneficial (i.e., new techniques, methods). We occasionally read books that were related. The very most important thing was to keep it positive. To look for examples of people getting better. And I promised God that if I ever got well that I would try to help anyone I could and I did get well. I'm not going to say that I never have a bad day or week sometimes but I'm just no longer afraid of it. I went back to work, I was already married to a very supportive person so that also helped. I highly suggest you read books about the mind-body connection and keep a very open mind about how your emotions (or rather the emotions you unintentionally suppress) affect your physical body. Try John E. Sarno. Healing Back Pain is the best but if you don't have back issues, then he had one I think called Mind over Body that covers more issues. There is hope. The key is to stop fearing the pain and learn that your emotions have a lot to do with your reaction to the pain. But people that are going through the same thing as you at the same time can be enormously helpful if you lift each other up. If you understand that it is a hand helping you up and not a crutch. Support groups are not meant to last forever. They are meant to get you through the tough times and giving you advice on how to cope. Have hope. I'm living proof that after 18 months literally crawling on the floor that you can get better and it doesn't matter if it's been 3 months or 10 years. Read Sarno.

Pearl L

sonne nnight work, it probably depends on which one youre in