Why are people mean about women who are stick thin?

get over it fatties.


For the same reason you are being 'mean'. Because you/they are just rude people. Hard to take someone's complaint seriously when they are doing the very thing they're complaining about.


Wait a minute! Isn't it YOU who has brought this up. So here's a suggestion. YOU get over whatever's eating you up and let the rest of us just get on with our lives, unconcerned as we mostly are about other people's size.

Liberals sequester from fact

I like skinny Winnie.

sid k

They jealous


Only that Ally McBeal freak. But that isn't because of her skinniness. It's because she was such a freakish critter.


Not just women. I'm male, 32, and have anorexia. It's not a gender thing. People are just mean.


Bones aren't sexy unless they're on the Corpse Bride.


its mostly because they are jealous