Am I over reacting? Am I dying from ovary cysts? PLEASE HELP ME?

Yes,I WILL be seeing a Dr if it doesn't stop soon..But please help me in the mean time!!! Im 19,virgin and always have ovulation pain. But it usually only lasts one day. (It is usually quite painful and it also stings in my ovary when I owe..) It goes away after 24hrs though. But this month..I had my usual ovulation pain but it was odd...The 20th cycle day my ovary was sore and hurt when I moved..but it wasn't like my normal ovulation pain...the next day it was like it usually was. (Sting when peeing in my ovary..bad aches and feeling gassy in that area. But it didn't stop after finally stopped aching there when I pee..and it feels a lot better but still it'll ache at random in this ovary and sometimes when I move..if I get gassy I can feel on that side it'll feel odd like it is expanding and is sore. It'll hurt if I move some terrified. I read ovulation pain CAN last up until the cycle starts but it never has before. My mom says she doubts its cysts and not cancer but I'm a hypochondriac and terrified. The pain is like dull but achey and painful like a pull..sometimes when I sit down it'll hurt for a few seconds then stop. Its gotten better but still a tint bit of pain. My period is due next week I think.

Andrew the Mullin

Learn some biology, you can’t feel anything in your ovaries when you pee. That’s your bladder. Duh.


If you've always had these pains I'd definitely suggest going to a doctor, especially an OBGYN if you've never been to one. They'd be best at figuring out what's going on with your body and how to fix it, whether through diet change or medication. But I wouldn't chock it off as 'if it continues', I'd say go as soon as you can get an appointment with an OBGYN.