Nudity in Canada?

I know Candadians aren’t technically “Americans” so what’s their take on nudity?

Jon Bin Jovi

"Technically" neither are Australians, Mongolians, the Chinese and Italian. Crazy right?


Be careful when you start saying things like Canadians not being technically "Americans". Some people can get very offended by that and will say that yes they are Americans because they are from north America (or central or south America). Regarding nudity, it varies from one individual to the next just the same as it does here in the US. Some are for it, some are against it, and some don't care either way.

Holloway Road

Many Muslims are entering so it is unsafe Here in Europe folk on nudist beaches, beaches, in swimming pools are being attacked by Afghan immigrants who shout Mohammed


The largest clothing optional beach in North America is Wreck Beach in Vancouver. I'm guessing no one is there in the winter except hardcore nudist hanging out in the rain. Less nudity in Canada than UK. Canadians are closer to Americans than Europeans on nudity.

Carolynn M

All Canadians are like all Americans... they don't all think alike. Every individual has his or her own "take" on any number of subjects, including nudity. Not sure why you think all Canadians are clones of each other

the internet

Have you looked outside? It's -23° in Canada, nudity is not an option.


they would die of of cold