What do you do when you're girlfriend cries ?

Me and my girlfriend are going to see A Dogs Way Home we haven't seen it yet. She's watched the previews for it she said if it's anything like Homeward Bound she's gonna cry. That was her favorite movie when she was little it made her sad though. I think this movie is almost the same only there's one dog instead of two dogs and cat. If she does cry how can I comfort her ?


When my girlfriend is crying, I hold her close and tight. I let her and encourage to just cry it out for however long she wants or needs to. if she wants to talk at the same time, I listen. I wipe away her tears. Sometimes, depending on what I have going on, I might cry with her. She does the same things for me when I am crying too.

Good Man

I slap on her face and shout on her to keep her quite . Then drag her to bed room for sex

Honey Baby‚ô•

You just pull her into a tight hug and hold her close. You can wipe away her tears if you like but holding her close will definitely help her feel better