Why do you think that the vast majority of girls prefer dating their own race with the sole exception of white girls who don't? Read details?

And no! I am not saying white girls prefer other races! White girls almost never have a preference. Very few white girls that I met had a preference at all! But other races usually prefer dating men from their own race. So, they did not just dated mostly their race, they had a preference for it! I know most white girls are with white guys. About 80-85 percent of white girls in Usa are with white guys, but there is not a certain preference, it just happens. Other races many times state their apreciation and loyalty to their own race and in many cases the preference is obvious! White girls are like meh... I don't care. So? Why? It bothers me a bit because I guess everyone likes to feel appreciated or prefered and yea.. obviously I prefer white girls, I pretty much only like white girls so that's why I ask. Yes, I HAVE A PREFERENCE FOR WHITE GIRLS, that is why I ask this


“White girls” like warm heart big hands and brains not white trash


I only date white guys because colored men beat women.


This is pretty racists and untrue. I see all over the place people of all races dating or married to other races. If you believe it is only white people or primarily white people makes you a racist.