Are Liberal Millennials jealous their music will never be as awesome as the 60s?

Just a tiny, minuscule example of collection of songs way before your time: Steppenwolf - Magic Carpet Ride (1968) The Amboy Dukes (Ted Nugent) - Baby Please Don't Go (1967) The Baroques - Mary Jane (1967)


60’s music is mostly awful boy bands singing about love. 80’s/90’s music is best and I was born in 96...not necessarily liberal either.


I always laugh when the older generation ridicules the younger generations. I think it's because old people are jealous and bitter because they're going to die soon.

Philip H

They can't even hold a note when singing. As Robin Williams said to Jay Leno: "Music? What music? There hasn't been any real music since 1972."


Stop whining...take some Viagra instead


No, millennial music will be super popular in fifty years.


People sure were a lot more attractive back then. More interesting looking and beautiful bone structure.

They Pelted Us With Rocks And Garbage

Why would you post crappy covers by Ted Nugent?


Probably not.


60s music stinks