Is jazz too wild of music?



What about "smooth" jazz? Like the kind of stuff that Yanni plays. Anyone named Yanni couldn't possibly play anything wild.

Mr. Smartypants

I'm sure it was thought to be at one time. Traditional music lovers in the 1890s were disturbed even by the 'ragged notes' in ragtime. When jazz came along they thought it was the music of the Devil. The rhythms of Africa. But in 100 years we've gotten used to jazz. In the 30s and 40s and 50s Jazz grew more and more sophisticated and complex, to the point where most people didn't even understand it! Jazz has become the basis for many other kind of music--popular songs, film music, advertising music. there have even been jazz operas, and jazz 'classical' pieces like Rhapsody in Blue. How could you call that 'wild'?


not at all would call it more perverse then wild that teasing elusive melody keeps us coming back for more


Not at all. Jazz can be smooth, calming and relaxing. Jazz, like any style of music, can be anything.


Jazz isn't wild


Yes yes it is

Secret Service But I Got My Own SK

no, it aint hood

Mr. Interesting

No. It's mostly just annoying to me. I like heavy/hard rock and roll but most jazz doesn't do it for me.