What Was The Last CD You Bought From Led Zeppelin And The Beatles And Pink Floyd And The Rolling Stones The Who And Eric Clapton Elton John?



I never replaced any of my vinyl with CDs. Last vinyl LPs I bought: Zeppelin - Houses of the Holy 1973 Beatles - Revolver and Rubber Soul 1975 Pink Floyd - Dark Side of the Moon 1973 Rolling Stones - Goats Head Soup 1973 The Who - Quadrophenia 1974 Eric Clapton - History of Eric Clapton 1974 Elton John - Goodbye, Yellow Brick Road 1974

Wire and String

the only one where i picked up something recent enough to remember what it was is the rolling stones- blue and lonesome or actually i think i know one more clapton (with the yardbirds)- sonny boy williamson and the yardbirds


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