Why does music suck nowadays?



Music began to suck in the mid-1990's not nowadays.


Although I agree with you, it's really just a matter of opinion...


maybe it's the right time to be more open mind and listen to new style as you know there still great music out there around the global, just we need to make some searching with open mind to enjoy our trip.

Your Uncle Dodge!

Today's music has lost the art. Money and a lack of organization in management leads to this. Music has always been money-hungry, but never at this level.


Lazy because of technology


Too much of the same thing and no creativity


Probably because you suck at finding good music of today. If you can't find any, I have to question if you like music at all.


Just like beauty, music and what we consider the best types all depend on the individual and what they personally consider to be good music. Music has, just like art, come a long way from its beginnings and throughout history, but thankfully we are all able to listen to whatever genres we would like at anytime in this age that we live in. If you don't like a specific artist, song, or genre you can find what fits best for you and listen to that instead.


Because you can do your own and upload it to YouTube. Radio is pretty much irrelevant thanks to internet. So are album sales.


Too commercial


Jews. They are watering down talent because it brings people to their movies instead of music. Most popular music genres are dead. Nothing really exist anymore but rap and country music


i think lack of experimentation, plus a lot of the music does not stand for anything( it is just copycat music without passion or drive)

t-posing damon albarn

What's played on the radio is controlled by corporate. Artists are basically manufactured.


that is because the demand for shitty music nowadays is at its highest therefore musician want to meet those demands to survive in the music industry so musician keep making the shitty music people like to listen..


It's because every once in a while music will suck


People have used the internet to find their own music. If you look at sales, you would see that pop music is no longer that popular.




Big thing is that good quality music is not available now...

Darumu J

Because, our life is getting suck year by year +!+


Every generation thinks its music was the best. Didn't your parents hate your music?

Lil Nite

Music is the best nowadays it's at It's peak rn