I cannot find a way, a place, to change the image at my Y.A.. Asked this a few months ago; no answer. Can anyone tell me?


Son of T3: Use the link https

Use the link https://help.yahoo.com/kb/sln25611.html . Note that once you submit, it can take 48 hours to change. If you submit again, that 48 hours starts again.


go to Account Info on the Right side of the Page under the wheel then Click on the Camera Button and Select a New Picture it can take up to 48 hours for the New Picture to Take Effect Everywhere on the Site This will not work if your on a Phone or Tablet you can only do this on a Computer

Sharon: Update your account picture here: https

Update your account picture here: https://help.yahoo.com/kb/sln25611.html


Click on your username at the upper left of the screen (takes you into your YA activity). Click Edit Preferences beside your current avatar. Then Click the tiny image of your current avatar on the following page. That should take you to your Yahoo profile, where you click on your current image and (if it's working properly) a box should open to allow you to select an a image to upload. Another way to get there is to click the gear icon at the upper right of the screen and select Account Info to get to the page to change your avatar, but the gear symbol hasn't been functioning for a while now.


EDIT PREFERENCES, on your personal page.