Why isn't YA updating my name ?

I've tried twice already I even refreshed the page nothing is working. Why isn't it updating my name ?


It takes time as you know. You change the names on your accounts regularly. It's currently showing as John, but has been Magenta, Brian, Roger, Freddie, Nation, and Brad previously.


It hasn't gotten any faster in the years you've been using the site. Doesn't make sense to not know it takes time. This isn't your first rodeo.


ask a clearer question. After a long time of being a question-mark, I managed to change it into my old username some weeks ago. It did NOT take hours or days

Son of T3

Once you change it, it can take 48 hours to show. Every time you do it again, that 48 hour period resets.

🌹 Rose

Did you change your name, or your nickname? Your nickname is what displays here. When I changed my nickname & avatar picture, it showed up as changed when I was logged in, but took a few days to show the new ones, when I was logged out. If it’s not showing up as changed when you’re logged in... Make sure you hit “done” or “save”, after editing it.


It takes time for the Name change to take Effect it can take 24-48 hours Give it time Check back Tomorrow


It can take several hours for the change to take effect.