Is the Extol-stowaway scooter a scam for $89.00 or is this a legit product?



I have been waiting since December 5th they did contact me back and reply saying that here's the tracking number I couldn't really understand it it said it shipped here and then I couldn't understand where it went and took off on another flight now the website is down so I think scam too


I got charged $99.00 in December and still NOTHING !! Want my money or the dam scooter !!


i am still waiting for mine. I got the same plastic ring!!!




It is a complete scam, still waiting for a scooter to be delivered as all I received was a small plastic ring from China.


Its a scam , dont buy it


I bought one and money was taking out of bank on Dec.5,havent heard anything. I think I'm going turn it into channel 5 investagter


It is a scam. DO NOT BUY IT. I paid $89.00 for a scooter on December 5, 2018. Receive a plastic cheap watch instead!!!!!

Lisa Traglio

rip off all I received was a plastic ring thing

man man

The site was set up on go daddy site .they will not tell who the Croke is


Beginning to realise I have been scammed I ordered 4 scooters @89 dollars each for myself and wife and another couple who are friends of ours I also received the face cleaner plastic jobo . What I want to know is there anyway we can get money back Re is this it and no way of getting a refund ??.


i ORDERED MY ON dEC 5, 2018 and as of the 15th of Jan still no scooter or any tracking info. I did receive a "Smart Bracelet" but nothing else. Going to have the bank investigate hopefully It will lead somewhere. I feel that this company is taking advantage of the handicapped like myself


it is a scam


I got nada zippo and out $90.00! All I get is social security Hope these idiots enjoy screwing over older citizens But I'm sure they don't give a damn


I ordered one Dec 5th and haven't heard a thing,also got that little green plastic ring ,what in the world is that for,should have known better than to think they would only charge $89 learned the hard way,I paid through PayPal but don't think I can do anything about it now,never order anything from China again!

Lady Di

Yep total scam. I had my bank investigate it. Because i may the purchase they cant do anything about it. I am just out 90 dollars.


I got a plastic ring too. I'm investigating via my Bank. I bought the scooter as I'm disabled - I think it's pretty sick and twisted of them to prey on disabled people like this!

M/M farmers

I ordered in Dec. posted on my credit card12/7. Still have not received my scooters. I want my money refunded


I also ordered the scooter! Wondering when I am going to get the thing! I m getting so upset with the scams. It s getting so a person can t believe what is for sale on the internet now!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wendy S

SCAM!!! All I got was the plastic ring and page not found when trying to track!!


I got a dam plastic ring calling cc to take charge back $99.99


What a scam! They sent me a plastic item worth $8 and no scooter. I sent several emails and no response, their telephone number is disconnected. I am out $99.


i paid $140 and all i got was a plastic ring.on the 6--12--18`


I m still waiting, I got taken and spent the money that I really should not have. Disabled and really needed. It s where you can not trust anyone. I should have known better.. If only I could get my hand on the people that did this just not to me but also other s, makes me so dang mad!


it is a scam


I received a big fat nothing and bought as advertised, a scooter supposedly. Having it investigated through my credit card company.


its a scam. sent me an 8.00 ring no scooter


I am waiting for my scooter. It has been 60 days Gerry


I also received a Plastic ring. Where is the scooter or should I keep on waiting.????


Hi I have just found out that other firm called the estellare store is selling the same scooter and that is scam as well so do not buy from them it is the same but other web site