Why do whites think their racism is justified?

They have an irrational hatred for others, especially for Black ppl. I did my best to look through history for a time when Africans attacked Whites and found NOTHING, other than when they killed slave owners to be free from slavery. Why are whites so hostile towards Blacks? They have done everything from the beginning of time to stop Black people from succeeding and have limited us in every way, but get angry when we call them out on it. Why don't they realize they are only making things worse for themselves by hating Black people? We only hate whites because of racism, they hate us for how we are born. If anything, Black people have a right to be racist. We don't hate whites for being white, we hate them for their abuse. Why do they demand respect they never earned? We built America for them to benefit from and started the Civil Rights movement that improved life for everyone in the U.S. Why are you so angry and hateful, white man?


. Most white people do not have irrational racial hatreds. Some considerable amount of black people play victims of racism to excuse their very bad behaviors in spite of and against white people. Black people are most likely to be mistreated and disregarded by people of their own race, which made many black people have some forms of internalized racism or racial identity issues toward themselves and other black people. Look up some online world maps indicating the countries’ rates of human development indexes. Recognize different states of white origin countries to black origin countries. Black people who partake in extreme mistreatments and disregards in black origin countries and significantly contribute to the countries’ low human development states are much worse than what you negatively excused white people in United States of doing. .


Eh Hmmmm . Take a look at who it is posting racism ^