What do you think will happen on the 29th, does Trump do his speech in Congress but Congress does not show up to listen or does he fold?

and turn the State Of The Union speech into a Trump Rally. The Best, The Best, Bla Bla The Best.


He should delay his speech until after the government reopens. That would be the right thing to do. Of course, Trump rarely does the right thing. Frankly, there is not much of interest that he can offer in his speech. The government is shut down. The state of the union is bad, due to this mess that Trump created entirely unnecessarily.

Judy & Charlie

In his last State of the Union speech he called the people who did not applaud him, "Traitors". No wonder Pelosi won't allow him back in the house! One of his own orchestrated neo-Nazi rallies would make Fat Donnie Happy and the rest of us can celebrate his shame.


Read the current news. Trump isn't going to give the State of the Union speech on the 29th.

Pearl L

hopefully they'll open up the governnnent


i'm sure whatever clown show he puts on, we'll all hear about it in due course whether we want to or not


If you thought Trump was going to make the state of union about anything other than his own self perception, then you still don’t know Trump.