Why do people conveniently ignore Spanish lineage is just as European as English or German?



People are stupid. If Spaniards aren't white then white people can't be blamed for the colonization of Latin America or the genocide of Native Americans.


I'd ask you what makes you think that, but that presupposes that you can thunk, and that I care.


No it’s not. The Spanish had the Moors phucking them for hundreds of years, and the Moors are not Europeans. That’s why the Spanish are darker.

Janet S

Who is ignoring it?


I don't think anyone has ignored that fact. We just don't want to have so much of it in our country all the time. I'd feel the same if it was German or French or any other.

Violation Nation!!

You have to go back about 150 years for Spaniards and Irish and Germans to be considered 'dirty' whites. White Supremacy has come along way. Now they can only differentiate between color swathes. xD


European descent Hispanics are considered white on most forms that ask about race. There is another box for non white Hispanics for people with less European ancestry and more native American ancestry. There is also a box for 2 or more races for people who are unsure or know that they are of an equally mixed descent. I know people from Spain who are definitely white/European. They identify as white with the only connection to Latin American Hispanics is that they both speak Spanish.

Ominous Cowherd

Nobody is ignoring that. Everybody knows that Spain is in Europe. What's your point?


I've never heard of anyone that does this. Unless you're talking about racist Mestizos that hate their Spanish blood. I've heard of that.