Why is this korean cashier so angry and scowling at us from the cashier?

I went to a convienence store to buy a pencil case and we were looking around for a pencil case. After a while about seven minutes, we found one. We came up to the counter and she was giving us the nastiest face ever. I don’t know if she is just racist or what. She doesn’t like other Asians that are not korean. What’s her problem? It really made me upset and I’m never buying from there ever again. This is a real question and it just happened a few hours ago. Why would you think I’m pretending. I don’t think you even understand how bad it makes me feel.


Maybe she's had a bad day and something else was on her mind Maybe she doesn't like young people Maybe you said or did something she thought was rude Maybe she's just one of those people who always looks angry You assuming someone is racist when they didn't say or do anything to indicate they have a problem with your background or skin color, is ridiculous


Why are you pretending to ask a question when what you're actually doing is making a racist comment and posting it anonymously to protect yourself from being called out for it?