Could you imagine how sad of a life it would be to be an atheists demanding "Prove there is a God!" while ignoring the testimonial evidence?

then going on to demand "I am atheist, therefore i am intelligent", while employing the moving the goalpost fallacy to ignore or dismiss the evidence, the personal incredulity fallacy to insist God isn't real, the strawman fallacy to paint believers in a way that makes them easy for the atheists to attack, and the ad-hominem fallacy to attack the character of people rather than face the arguments? It seems like such a sad existence to be an atheist, not to mention the fact that there isn't a single shred of evidence to back up atheism at all.


you really are more deranged than i first suspected


I demand nothing because the facts clearly show that all gods are myths. And my life is wonderful.


Hi Cowerchildish!

via logic and reason

Yes. They sure put a lot of energy into NOT collecting stamps.


what is the testimonial evidence? when from i heard they use faith that it was god helpin them in those situations when it could have been other things, you dont see tribes in africa praising god but vodoo magic, it implieswere born to believe any kind of thing within your culture you talkin bout the gospels and their 500 hundred testimonies? yu do know that you cant know if the writter was lyin, right? therefor why believe since theres reasons to lie about religion, because its a tool , furtheremore people back then would believe in anything even in todays magtricks people alledge demon casting from illusions of magic, so... many things you must 100% prove it happened otherwise we will follow the logic of unreliabilitie that every religionn supports, interpretation/faith


The testimonial evidence is not reliable, since the testimonies in the Bible are 2000 years old, where never verified at the time, and were documented long after the witnesses died. If you want to believe God exists, you are free to do so. If you want atheists to also believe, then you have to provide proof God exists. The Bible is not proof. Your belief is not proof. The claims of other people is not proof. Atheism is the LACK of belief in the existence of any gods - no evidence required to not believe in something. I am sorry you don't understand basic concepts.


Why don't you get the 2007 report on the Order for ALL the Atheists had claimed to be tested that were done on and ALL that the Atheists had used as their proofs and ALL were discovered to be FAKES! Most of what the Atheists had paid to make-up their fake animals claiming to be millions to billions of years old are really New BONES and All from already known of animals! Every sentence of History in the Bible records have been found to confirm ALL! Anywhere from three to over 250 Proofs, records, have been found to confirm them ALL! Plus all the places in the Bible that are still around!