Are conservatives still believeing the lies on trump and Russian collusion?

We all know trump is guilty as hell


He maY not be. Liberals should concentrate on rise of alt right racism with trump. His disastorous trade policies, diminishing of America on global stage and border and attempted immigration policies which will lead to economic decline,

Mr. Smartypants

Mueller says he's just finishing up. I wish he'd hurry. Sadly, what passes for 'conservatism' today is all about believing what you want to believe and not believing that you wouldn't like to believe. This is why Trump did so well by just lying--telling his fans what they wanted to believe and encouraging them not to put any stock in actual truth. Even when all the evidence comes out and Trump is found to be guilty as hell, they won't believe it. Simply because they don't want to!

The Real Grim Grady

Great. You're the one making the claim so it's up to you to show the proof. And so far, I'm seeing none.


Trump emerged from the bowels of Putin

Raisin Caine

Actually, all of the evidence is showing that Trump was not involved in criminal collusion. Indeed, your latest "smoking gun" of Roger Stone, if what you are saying is to be believed, show NO criminal collusion. If Trump has to get Stone to ask someone else to get in touch with Wikileaks to find out what is going on, then CLEARLY the Trump campaign is not directing what is going on. Indeed, with such a convoluted web they literally could not have been. It is convoluted to get to Wikileaks AND then you have to make the link NOT to Wikileaks but to the Russian government. You can claim that what they were doing is immoral and sure you are going to be able to use your OWNED LEFTIST MEDIA which owns all major networks, except Fox and they are starting to make inroads on Fox, to play this and use it against Trump in 2020, but removal from office simply is not going to happen. In the meantime, you have people like ME who actually research. Your inherent problem is that you have ot shown Trump campaign doing anything worse than what the Hillary campaign did. I know, I go to the old "but Hillary" defense and it is not really an adequate defense, ..... but it is. It is an adequate defense WHILE the democrats are putting up Hillary and people LIKE Hillary. Example: Kamala Harris used sex to attain positions of power. If you want to make a MORALITY play, you have to put up candidates that are MORAL. Of course you have candidates that can attack Trump on morality grounds and not get slammed by Trump when Trump puts a spotlight on their immorality. You want to make this play, then this is your only play. You are not going to get removal from office and you are about to go into 2020 with a strong economy and fractured Democratic party.


At best, guilty of trying to dig up dirt on Hillary. Hillary did the same to Donald. Trump used public information from wikileaks and Hillary used the Access Hollywood, the FBI Trump Tower spying and the MI6 Steele dossier.