Hey libtards, how do you feel now?

we figured you out, the game is over.

Moon Shot

It’s the liberal way.


I love my daily dose of CNN and my special favorite - huffypuffy post. I LMAO when seeing their writers trying to pretend they're news people when all they are by their own stories are idiot gossip hounds spewing nothing but opinions. Funny as hell.


who is "we?"


That is not a question, but a rant, and you sir are reported !!

John W

I'm happy that you finally figured out that liberals want to retore democracy to America and that the Russia loving FBI hating racist and misogynistic Republicans are trying to destroy it. Good for you! Remember to vote Democrat!


I guess I should feel like a smarmy smug cvntservative? How’s that working out for you?


people like you make me glad I'm not a conservative