Is it normal that I killed animals that carry diseases such as Mice and Rats?

For example this one day I was in the Subway system in NYC waiting for the C Train to come and I literally seen a Subway Rat running around in the Train Cart and when it tried to run away and escape I literally stomped it's ******* guts out through it's back and when I did everybody gasped ( I did what I did because literary NOBODY on the whole ******* train had the BALLS to do it themselves so I decided to man up and do it myself ) Another example is when I was walking to the library in NYC I literally came across a baby Mouse by a Church and stomped on it and killed it and casually walked away. By the way neither the Mouse or the Subway Rat was Bleeding after I killed them. ( Most likely because like my friend they was most likely dehydrated ) Is this Normal and why or why not??


Sick man.


And then the fleas on the rat that are the real disease vector jumped on to you.


Kind of mean. Yes rats are gross but stomping on them to death is kind of douchey