Planed parenthood was founded to kill black babies. The NY law gives a white woman an 'OUT' if the baby is found to be black, T/F?



I don't think they care who they kill ,they just got to have dead babies . It is an evil mental condition

Uncle Pennybags

I regard Planned Parenthood as the most successful scam in the history of the USA. About 1/3rd of black babies are aborted each year. Hundreds of thousands of blacks are killed every year by abortion, and Democrats have convinced blacks to actively defend and seek out abortions. The KKK itself couldn't have tricked and harmed blacks more than the Democrat Party has.


It is just more iron-clad evidence of the racism and hatred of liberals towards minorities.


Not true. Planned (planed is a different word) Parenthood was founded 100 years ago to give women a way to get medical information and care that was needed. It still works that way. Republicans just try to say otherwise. If you really want to know what the NY law is, it is published online for all to read. Look it up, I did just this week for a different reason.


False of course