Why do the people of Italy harbor so much hatred towards the masses of people coming to their shores for a better life?



Nobody invited them. And they bring nothing of value to Italy, only demands.


Suppose someone moved next door you from an entirely different culture. As soon as the arrive they make demands that their culture be respected and that fundamental changes are required of you to accept their culture. Suppose as well that these people absolutely refuse to adapt in any way to YOUR culture and become quite militant anytime an even trivial adaptation is requested. Suppose as well that these people expect you to pony up money to support them. Would you love them?


if you go to another society for a better life instead of building your own, your a coward and weak.


Italian taxpayers are footing the bill for those beggars and pimps.


Maybe because they don't want their country messed up by refugees the way that Canada, Germany and England are.


Imagine if you lived in a nice house and a passer-by saw it and decided to move in because it was nicer than his house and he wanted a better life. How would you feel? Further suppose he also invites in his wife and children who constantly raid your fridge. Would you say "the more the merrier" or would you have some sort of cultural and resource issues. Like, how many people can you support on your salary? One? Two? Ten? A hundred? Suppose they did not like the curtains, or the carpets, or the furnishings in general. Suppose they did not like any of your rules and decided to behave differently. Now, why is it different when considering a country rather than a house. OK, resources are larger but, in the case of the US, the 50,000 extra people a month still costs.

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Hi simple logic child more people less profit to go around.


I'm glad they do. The Sub-Saharan Africans coming there do not have good intentions. They should be sank at sea.

The Oracle of Omigod

A better life for unskilled, uneducated, ungrateful refugees means a more poor life for citizens.


Fascism was invented in Italy. Even the etymology shows that.

Ghost Of Christmas Past

Italy is divided between the Catholic and the greedy. Catholic Italy feeds the hungry and welcomes the stranger as Jesus told us. The greedy currently have control of government.