Why does Nevermind hate Artemisia so much ?

Where they lovers or something?


Never had much to do with Nevermind BUT For sometime I do believed I formed a bond with Artemisia. I can tell you, Arte is a strong, witty, sharp, female. Very caring towards her loved one, family values are deep within her soul. She has unmistakable signs of spiritual awakening. I just wish she could see over her shallowness and not be so demanding of someone's total attention and love. In saying that,,,,, if it is her only fault. She is still well above 95% of female on this site. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lL4agft7qIc


She hates people who befriend her.


She ate her seafood sammich,


I haven't seen the user Nevermind in months.


She's jealous that Artemisia is better looking than her.