Unique ideas and names for alien invasion story?



"Råhijzö Vijltemëmdi Zórëmdü" Is that "unique" enough to suit your needs?

Sir Caustic: Unique ideas!

Unique ideas!: Bad aliens, who are bad, invade the Earth. The Earth is good, and doesn't like the bad aliens because they're bad. Unique names!: Trwuhsdjsh Btweioeoe, Hisddiweje Cjoeroro-Hjjsjdjs, and Wolkekwjej Jh. I mean, I've never seen then anywhere else. Hope this helped, y' little twit.

Steven J Pemberton

If I was arrogant enough to believe I had a unique idea for any kind of story (hint: "unique" is not a synonym for "rare" or "unusual"), I'd write it myself, not waste it on a random stranger.


why give it to you? if I have an original idea, I'll write it or shop it to Hollyweird and make the money myself.

Meerkat Uno

Do you want names for the humans or the aliens?


Earth Awakes. Dragging down tectonic continental plates fast as horses can run. Expelling mid-ocean evidence that some incredible relics survived molten conditions within earth for Eons. Can submersibles tell us more while displaced populations run amok elsewhere ? Darwinian approach to man's salvation. WE have met the enemy and he is us.