Why can’t i dance well?

Ive been dancing six years, and still suck at dancing. I have worked soooo hard on everything, but I just can’t dance better. I take five classes a week, Three on Wednesday for four hours and Two on Fridays for two and a half hours. What do I need to do to get better?


Perhaps you are in the wrong kind of training. If you have poor teachers you will never get better. Perhaps it’s you and you just don’t have any talent for it. However if you have good teachers you should get better even if you have no innate talent. If you are just not improving at all find better training. Make sure you are taking technique classes not just learning choreography as you will never get bettter without building strong technique.

Dane Youssef

What kind of dance are you taking? What kind of teacher have you had? What training have you had? Come on, give us a little more background info.


Maybe you don’t have a good teacher or you aren’t FEELING it. To dance, it’s to express yourself. If you cannot enjoy it you cannot do it the way it is meant to be.

Paul R

New dance partner perhaps.