I don’t find the human life superior to that of a plant and animal anymore?

My thoughts have changed, I realized how cruel we are to eachother within our human race and also with animals and nature.. we are all created as equals every living thing should be as valuable as the next living thing humans are NO better... don’t you agree?

Chris Ancor

Yes, I agree.


If I told you the spirit of evil was of equal nature to that of the spirit of love you would then understand even love was spoken of in a lie. Here then, have you understood love conquers all. This statement is true. If then I rephrase the exact prose of the statement in this way, "If I told you the spirit of love was greater to that of the spirit of evil." Are you again on the narrow path? Here's a theology just for yourself, why if this was you last chance at utter happiness, would you even hesitate to be amazing with love and the creations there bonded.


Humans ARE animals. Just because we can speak and invent amazing things, doesn't mean we're not part of nature. We just evolved differently.


If one looks at even basic teaching on the evolution of mineral, plant, animal, human, and spiritual, the most advanced minerals are achieving a type of emotion, the most advanced plants a type of mentation, the animals more advanced mentation, humans experiencing at best turiya or etheric awareness, and the spiritual beginning to experience Plotinus' "One Mind Soul"-individuation, or the individuation-realization of the Holy Christ Self, "this Mind which was also in Christ Jesus." So, imho, your "finding" = mentation recognizing or "grokking" other mentation, i.e., in the plant and animal kingdoms or evolutions. As for the dualistic or antimonic "superior-inferior" complexifiation, that typically tends to arise of some "Other"-related aggression or disharmony, even if one is "a self-hating human," i.e. nobly esteeming plants and animals as co-equals (which they are not; but, they are not bupkis, either). Related: "Understanding Yourself" by Mark Prophet; "Light Is a Living Spirit;" "Watch Your Dreams."


Yeah, I do.


By that logic we have a moral imperative to stop lions killing antelope then right? Life feeds on life


The human brain is the most complex structure in the universe https://www.independent.co.uk/voices/editorials/the-human-brain-is-the-most-complex-structure-in-the-universe-let-s-do-all-we-can-to-unravel-its-9233125.html https://www.wnyc.org/story/michio-kaku-explores-human-brain/ Only humans are religious, not the other living beings.


We're all part of a vast system of interdependencies and we shouldn't overestimate our own importance. Exploitation is destabilising and until sustainability becomes a priority over self interest we are at risk from natures corrective mechanisms


I find human life to be far superior to anything else. But a tree hugger and nature lover would argue with me.

Doctor P

Why are humans smarter than other animals https://www.edge.org/response-detail/12021 https://www.sciencefocus.com/nature/why-arent-animals-with-larger-brains-more-intelligent-than-us/


No. I think you've been drinking the kool-aid.


By that logic we have a moral imperative to stop lions killing antelope then right? Life feeds on life


We are all valuable but i cant put animals and plants above people, even though we make a lot of bad choices we also make some good ones...plants and animals make no conscious decisions they react and interact but its hard for me to imagine they have a soul. Ues theyre alive, but i dont think they have a spiritual component or inteligent consciousness.