I feel really ugly. I know this sounds dumb, and maybe yahoo answers isn't the best place to write this, but i needed to vent.?

There are days when I feel beautiful and confident, but most days I feel like I'm not as pretty as all the other girls my age. I'm 24 and look really young for my age. I am constantly trying to make myself appear my age, so that I get treated with a different level of respect. Then there is the whole not looking good without makeup. I keep breaking out and my skin is dry. I try to overcompensate by putting on way too much makeup, and then I feel worse because I can feel all the makeup on my face. It doesn't look bad, cause I blend well, but I can tell how much I have on and just want to wash it off. I'm also pale and so I try adding a bunch of bronzer on to look tan. I just moved to OC and all the girls are super pretty. I feel like I have to look just as beautiful to get recognition from everyone. I feel so insecure and like I need better clothes or a better haircut or better skincare. I don't know. It's affecting my self esteem. I've felt this way for a long time, since high school.


Natural beauty is the best beauty. Let it out. Stop spending all your energy trying to be fake. That can't be fun. Stop worrying about what other folks do. Get comfortable in your own skin and your natural beauty will start to radiate all over the place.


probably best to seek professional help