Is my Industrial Piercing Infected?

I got my industrial piercing a week ago from now and it was Okkay until 2 days ago that it was hurting really bad and now it is swollen & hurts to the touch. The thing is, the only top part of the piercing is what hurts, I have yellow crusties on there & it hurts when I try to clean. What should I do? Is it infected? If so, what can I do?!


its kind of hard to help when you don't tell us much about how you are taking care of this piercing. You should be doing sea salt soaks morning and evening. Use a sterile saline wound wash spray and a sterile gauze pad. Soak the upper and lower piercings. Do this morning and evening. If you are not taking care of them properly, they will hurt. You shouldn't sleep on the piercing, and try not to snag it on things. Try not to get shampoo and other things on it in the shower, but if you do thats ok, just rinse the piercing under running water right before you get out. You shouldn't be touching the piercing unless you are cleaning it.


I recommend getting some Bactine Spray, it will help the area from getting infected, it will clean it, and numb the area from pain temporarily. I used it on all my piercings, except for my tongue, as Bactine is not to be ingested. U can find it in the first aid items aisle at walmart, walgreens, or CVS.


By no means should you take it out. This leaves the piercing exposed to bacteria and it will only make it worse. Industrials can take a long time to heal, mine took about a full year, and initially I experienced the same things. It is normal. Each person is different but it's normal to have crustiness, tenderness and sometimes even blood around the area. Remember, you have been pierced through the cartilage, and the bar is quite thick, so it's going to take some time for your body to adjust and adapt to the new piercing. Touching it is probably the worst thing you can do, if you were given a healing spray from your piercer make sure you are using it regularly, if not, it might be an idea to invest in one. It may not make the healing process any less painful, but it should make the process faster.


if it bothers you see your doctor