How does an Amazon gift card work?

So.. I'm 16. I have never bought stuff online without help from my dad. I wanna buy some' personal toys ' nothing bad. But most stores say you gotta be 18 or older. So I was thinking about buying the thing I want on Amazon. No need to fear the risk of being asked for an ID! Right? I just want to get a 25$ one. Nothing crazy. Issue is I don't fully understand how it works. Since I've never used one before. Do you need a bank account to use one? Do you need to add in your address or could you ask it to be sent to somewhere else? If so, where? Can they be traced? Like.. could someone see the history? Can a 16 year old even buy stuff on Amazon? Or is a parent needed?

Lord Bacon

You place your order and, when it comes to paying, there is an option to pay by gift card. You enter the gift card number (quite a long number) and Amazon deducts payment from the gift card and leaves whatever money is left on the card so you can use it again in future. If you do not have an Amazon account, you may need to open one. I can't remember if it asks for a date of birth. If so, it will know you are too young to buy age-restricted products .... unless you use a false date of birth on the account application. Obviously, I do not encourage dishonesty in anything important. You can specify a delivery address that is not where you live. In some places, you can have goods delivered to a collection point in a local store and pick them up from there. I am pretty sure Amazon provides details of local pick-up points. I am sorry it is made so difficult for young people to buy certain types of 'personal appliances'. It seems crazy. They will not corrupt you. If you are old enough to want them, you should be old enough to buy them. Good luck.


You can buy it with a gift card. Just have it sent to a friend's house.


Get your dad to assist you.