Average cost of homeowners insurance in Louisiana?



There is no "average". You will have to ask them. They will ask you several questions. Only they can determine.


No way of answering. What do you want to insure? What valuables do you have?

Casey Y

Average cost is irrelevant. You need to start with the coverage amount needed then work from there. Call at least 3 agents or companies; try a local agent and one online...the third is up to you.

Beverly S

There really is no average cost. They use the age of the house, what it's made of (brick, vinyl siding etc), square footage, and your credit score to determine. I look at H.O.I. every day at my job (mortgage lender) & I definitely advise you to get at least 3 quotes from 3 different companies. If you are a Veteran I suggest USAA since they are always the cheapest I see. If not & you have Farm Bureau there check with them - they are cheap but if you have bad credit or a claim in the last 5 years they won't approve you for it.. Also if you have auto coverage & that company also writes H.O.I. then check them for sure! You get a multi policy discount which can cut premiums in half! Good luck!


Call some homeowners insurance companies in your state. Have quotes emailed to you so you can compare the coverages and the costs.


No clue ask your mom