How hard is it to be a store manager?



If someone calls in sick at the last have to cover...if the cash drawer is short it is your fault...if it is freezing outside you still have to open....if you are short staffed , you have to work.


It could be easier than some think, because you get more freedom to sit down without anyone breathing down your neck. You get to be the one breathing down people's neck. Though, you're still required to work. You just have more leniency, because the higher ups are trusting that you're doing everything necessary for the job. At the same time, it could be harder than some think, because you might have to deal with angry customers, or disgruntled former employees, or even be threatened for having to fire someone, and you might have even liked the person you have to fire, which, itself is hard, because you liked them. They probably won't like you anymore after being fired. The higher ups also might over work you, just because you're the store manager, and you don't get any more pay for more hours, from being on salary pay, rather than being paid hourly. You're in charge of making sure that payroll has all the hours turned in, and turned in properly, and if there's even one slip up from one hour for one employee, people might be called, in anger, in front of the customers. Also, the store might even be robbed one day, and you're the one responsible for the safety of the store, its merchandise, and the employees, and even the customers in the store at the moment. Whatever happen during that moment, people will be looking at YOU for accountability. And, you don't want to be the one tied up in the back, either. Stuff like this could happen. So, in a way, the answer is, "It depends." So, I guess it depends on the person. Some think it's easier. Some think it's harder.




Hard is relative, and it depends a lot on the type of store. A supermarket is a huge load of responsibility, whereas a small clothing store would be only a moderate load.

Casey Y

Totally depends. If you've worked there for 5 years as an assistant manager...should be a breeze. If you are getting a new job as a store manager...well...might be tougher.


If you show dedication, eventually you will get the job!

Jerry S



Just a tad harder than a floor manager.