My uncle who owns a very successful ticket site is hooking me up with someone who is starting their own ticket company.?

It’s not certain yet, but if I do get this job as a “ticket puller”, what is it that they do exactly? I’ve read online about it but they’re so many different answers. The kid is making 100,000 a year and has hired 7 close friends. He can pull about 300 tickets in I don’t know what time. I’m next up, so I know this isn’t a scam especially if my uncle told me about it. So again, what do ticket pullers do?


He's probably not making that kind of money. It's a part time job, and you have to pass a test. Speed is important. Ticket pullers find tickets for specific events, and purchase them with prepaid card provided by their employer. Typically, the ticket pullers get a 5% commission on the price of the tickets purchased. No compensation except your commission, no hourly wage.