Start up my franchise or take the job I’ve been offered?

I’ve placed a deposit down for a franchise and have researched heavily over the last 6 months, to the point where I have now left my job and am waiting to launch beginning of March. Trouble is, I’ve been offered a job in a similar industry to my previous job and it is a lot more money than what I was earning before. I’ve never been self employed and that’s one of the main reasons I took on the franchise, along with having more time with my family. I know my wife wants me to take the job as it would appear more secure than the risk of starting up my franchise, but I am torn. I don’t want to lose what I’ve sacrificed so far in the franchise, but I don’t want to take the job, not enjoy it and lose the opportunity of the franchise I’m taking on. What do I do??


I have read your comment. How far away is the nearest Starbucks and Costa. Are people really going to stop in the melee of trying to get into the station at rush hour? £200 a day is a huge amount, on top of that you need public liability insurance, a food handlers certificate, regular inspection of your van by Environmental Health, Insurance for yourself if you are ill and cannot work, decent coffee which is increasing in price almost monthly, Gas, and Insurance if your van is broken into or vandalised. I have owned catering businesses in the UK, it's not as easy as you would think. Tot up ALL of your outgoings the insurances etc, then see if it is viable. I get where you are coming from, but I for one would not do it if I had a family to support.


Is there wiggle room of taking the job as a part Time job and opening the franchise part time? It my sound silly but lots of companies are only Open certain days at certain times times. Think Through what days and times you are available To do both with the least problems.


MORE time with your family if you're self-employed?! You're in for a major disappointment there, You will work many more hours than you do now, at least for a few years, Without any info on what the franchise is, hard to advise you. But from the limited info you give, taking the job sounds like rte better move. Post again with more info if you want a more detailed answer.


wow...that is a tough decision...I cant luck


There will be more jobs if the franchise fails. In fact, the same job might still be there.


Always take the job you've been offered first, then start up your franchise later.

Casey Y

What is the franchise??? To me, that matters in this discussion. If a bubble tea franchise...take the regular job. If a McDonalds franchise...continue with the franchise route...