I live on $2600 a month and I live in the lower mainland of British Columbia Canada.?

I live on $2600 a month net in income and I own a a house out right. However I still have to pay roughly $5,000 a year in income tax and I have to keep the house going on this income by myself. Also my father left me with a $300,000 cash and I sold his house and madd $565,000 net. I am working a Janitorial job with a pension and benefits, Do you think I should go back to school even though I have all of these benefits with this job? Also my hobbies are trap shooting and doing a bit of pistol shooting on the side in the 22lr calibre. As well I put away $200 a month toward RRSp and TFSA. Am I doing anything wrong?


Should you go back to school? How smart are you? How disciplined are you? Don't waste your money on going to school if you had trouble academically in high school. It would be a total waste. School doesn't get any easier. Even if you have the brains to pass the classes, if you lack the discipline to show up to class and do the work, you won't pass so it would be a waste. Nothing wrong with a janitorial job, especially since you are covered by a pension. Is it set up to where you receive 100% of your current pay check after you have worked for 30 years? What's the earliest age you can draw the pension? Make sure to take good care of your health. Working a janitorial job is physically demanding.


If you had ANY financial discipline, you could RETIRE on what you have now.


KEEP YOUR JOB ! And your $1m earning interest gives you (about) $1,000 per month extra before taxes. {You can also tap into the $1m when needed.} You have nothing to complain about.




Your hobbies are guns and spending? Not surprising since your money comes from 'daddy'. Your typical of the type that have never had to lift a finger in this world. This is your finger. See the picture? Others are just a little straighter since they built their own muscles to carry their own weight. You haven't any hope. Your going to loose everything. Plan on that, sell everything and run and hide. If you bury daddies wealth somewhere in a hole, when your old and lost you might remember where you lost it and can grab it.