My w2 shows a different gross then my final pay stub?



That happens, that is why you wait for the w-2 to file a return. If you think the w-2 is in error contact your employer to get a corrected w-2.


If the W-2 is right and the pay stub is wrong, then just file your taxes and don't worry about it. If the pay stub is right and the W-2 is wrong, then ask for a corrected W-2.

Pascal the Gambler

Happens all the time.


The W2 is correct


yes. It can be for many reasons. That's why it's illegal to file from your paystub. If you did, now you'll have to amend.

Beverly S

So does mine, you must go off the W2! Usually this happens because the pay ending date for payroll isn't 12/31... it might be 12/29 or 1/3 which means the last 2 or 3 days go into the next year. People should not file on final pay stub due to this.


contact employer to correct it