Do you need to own a real airplane to realize that GPS generates magnetic tracks?

Especially since the most of the world's airspace is based on magnetic tracks? Should we trust aircraft mechanics who have no experience flying IFR certified GPSs that they do not use magnetic tracks? Oh, and I do own an airplane. It doesn't have a GPS. But the aircraft I fly has an integrated Collins 3000 FMS with a Proline 21 cockpit and is certified for enroute IFR GPS and WAAS LPV approaches... so I think I know what the **** I'm talking about. True tracks are never used. Magnetic tracks are displayed in several places. First on the PFD and MFD next to the active waypoint. Second, on the FMS CDU on the LEGS page on the left hand side next to each waypoint. @Jack Not necessarily. You can still "OBS" or set the intercept track to the waypoint which is based on degrees magnetic without another waypoint.


Magnetic tracks???? Where do you get that from???