Subwoofer help?

Hi, i have a quick question about subwoofers. i currently have 2 15’s on a 1200 watt amp, a buddy of mine runs 2 12’s on 1200 watt amp. both boxes are ported. for some reason, his subs are hitting way harder than mine and it’s kinda annoying that mine aren’t hitting as hard. My buddy has power bass subs and amp, i have kicker subs and skar amp. both have 4 gauge wiring. i was thinking about building a custom box in hope that my subs would sound better. any advice?


Certainly isn't enough information. 1200 watts what? Max? RMS? something else? Which model subwoofers and what are the voice coil ohms?

don r

So, why is this a problem? What if his d*ck is bigger than yours, but your girlfriend loves you anyway? Tune your system to sound realistic and enjoy it. Somebody is always going to be able to call out a bigger number. As long as you let that bother you, it's a problem you create for yourself.


Not enough information. Since you are apparently clueless about what the specs mean and all the factors involved, just tell us the exact make and model numbers of the amp and subs, how the subs are wired, the amp settings you are using, and the details about the enclosure the subs are mounted in. Chances are good that a custom box will help but without knowing what all you have and how it is set up, we can't tell you. Also, if you can, at least tell us what amp and subs your friend has - model numbers, not just brand. I can show you well designed systems with half the power and only a single sub that would blow your system away. It's not all about power and size.