Would it be too expensive to use Uber to go to a job interview?

Especially if it cost about $20 to get there, and $20 to come back home?

Pearl L

not if you get the job

blue pixie

That's up to you. We don't know what $40 means to you lol


you have another form of transportation or do you plan on taking uber everyday if you get the job?


If you get the job, how will you get there the days you need to work? Not worth it if you need to pay $20 each time to get to that job.


Yes - unless you are travel from overseas you can NOT claim your interview expenses.

Jay P

No one on Yahoo knows your financial situation. If you're down to your last $40, yes, it is too expensive...use public transit instead.


You can walk.

Mr. Interesting

No. You cannot be late. Just take the bus home. No hurry then.