How can i get a 15 year old DUI off my DMV report?



In most states you can't. I had only (1) speeding ticket in 1989. It still shows on my drivers license which was 30 years ago.


First go to a ACTUAL STATE DOT/DMV and ask them what procedure is in THAT ACTUAL STATE where you have drivers license. 'Public' report may be different than 'law enforcement' report on database. 10 years may get DUI off 'Public' report database with simple form to fill out and small fee. In Illinois the old standard was $100.00 bill to Secretary of State Clerk own pocket. States vary in time kept active on Database for 'public' access -maybe 5 years, maybe 7 years, maybe 10 years before not applicable-- Some may keep DUI as criminal charge until death. Wisconsin has 1st time drunk as a civil action, 4th time was felony and that is/was changed to 3rd. Some states would have single DUI prosecuted as a Misdemeanor, with 2nd as felony- Criminal charge would need a court judge to purge or note no longer to be given out for civil use-except for criminal background checks. What state issued to DUI? was it a civil charge, misdemeanor charge or felony charge? .


In my U.S. state, the "record" of the DUI stays forever but the effect of that DUI is removed after 5 years. Where are you?

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By asking a judge really nicely. You know you can't edit your driving record, right?


You can't. It's a matter of fact. Time doesn't change what happened.


You could try to change your name and see if it follows you.


Petition the court to seal it, you will need a reason like you are a commercial driver and can't work because of the record. If you've been good for 15 years they will most likely seal the record to allow you to seek employment. You do need a viable reason, like the company requires you to drive in your field of work or need to drive the vehicle in your employment field IE a service van etc. They will not seal the record simply because you can't afford insurance.

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You can't.

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You can't. If you go to court & fight it, you won't have a conviction. An arrest is not a conviction. But, you will lose your license either way.


ask the dnnv about it and they'll let you know how to do that