Is running to late to work an excuse to speed?

When I drive I notice their are cars that speed, tailgate me and try to beat me when exiting the parking lot to the road where I drive the main reason I see is because they are running late to work. I drive the speed limit and never got a ticket, but I see a lot of other people get tickets. I just make sure to leave early enough to make it early to work.

Mark IX

Are you retarded? Are you really asking "Is running to late to work an excuse to speed?"? Mind you, you do raise an interesting question - should mental defectives like yourself be allowed to drive?


Sure. When you get stopped just say "I'm late for work" and the cop will say "OK Sir, let me lead the way for you" and guide you through the traffic. *rolls eyes*


No. There is no acceptable excuse for speeding. If you get caught speeding, don't make excuses, just take your ticket and pay it (or take a driving safety course, if that option is available).


Not only is it no excuse, it is useless. Think about the situation: they are going to be late if they do not speed and they are going to be late if they speed... a whole lot later if they are pulled over. Do they think their boss will say, "Well, at least Willoughby was only 12 minutes late rather than 17 minutes late"? Calling ahead - before they get in the car - that they are running late will be a lot more effective than speeding will ever be.


Thats true, being late for work will not get you off a speeding ticket


It is a valid excuse in selfish narcissistic people. Are you one of them?


No, if you don't want to run late to work then leave earlier.