Was I right in ignoring this impatient driver?

I was waiting for a person to cross the street while I was making a left turn. The driver behind me started honking like crazy. I just ignored it and waited for the person to cross halfway to make the turn.


You were right, pedestrians in crosswalks have right of way.


i would have also given the 1 finger salute, just to be courteous


Yes. That guy was just being a jerk.


You were right to wait and let the pediatrician cross the street. It was not worth it, to rush and cause an accident. Most of us face these kinds of rude, impatient drivers every day. You did the best thing to ignore that driver, no need to get upset over it over give him the satisfaction of the third finger salute or to start a road rage incident.


Wrong???? What else do you think you COULD have done, but ignore him? Run over the person who was crossing the street? Get out of your car and pick a fight with the guy because he was blowing his horn at you?


Yes you were right as a matter of fact I may have just waited until the light changed to yellow-almost red and left the ****** stuck at the light for another cycle.


A vehicle must give way to pedestrians crossing the street into which it is turning. You were right to stop. Generally, the more vulnerable road user has right of way.The guy behind you was probably unsighted, and not understanding why you were stopping, went into retard mode.


Yes, unless you were a police officer. If you were a police officer, then you should have gotten out of the car and given the driver a ticket for illegal honking. If you were not a police officer, then you were right to ignore it.