What do you do about products that comes with design flaws?

You buy a turntable, and at the end of the record the turntable auto shuts off. They forgot to add the disable auto shut off feature so most of your records turns off before the record is finished playing. You buy a vacuum cleaner, they put the cleaning tool attachments in the wand area near the handle. During sweeping the attachments normally falls off. You buy a kerug-like brewer system that takes their proprietary k cups. The brewer gets discontinued within a month, and now you have a brick.

SSP Bowl Dude

Do better research before purchasing products.


"The brewer gets discontinued within a month, and now you have a brick." This is not true. The brewer still works and is not a brick. I bet "it was a good deal!" when you bought it... This "good deal" brewer might become a brick when it stops working, there is no way to repair it - and the company which manufactured it is nowhere to be found. An better example of a "brick" is when you get a really good deal on a smartphone only to find out that it is password protected/locked and there is no way to unlock it without the correct password - and the person who sold the phone to you is nowhere to be found, ignores your email requests for the password or tells you the password is not available. If a deal looks too good to be true, it probably is. Don't buy "it" just because you think it is a deal. 1) In your example of the turntable, I would have immediately returned it to the retailer. If a "feature is missing" then get the turntable that has the feature you require. In this case, it take playing only one record to understand if the turntable is working properly. This would be a warranty item. 2) In your example of the attachments not staying in their caddie, this is another one you would know immediately... and your immediate reaction to learning that the holder is not working would be to return the vacuum cleaner or contact the manufacturer with a complaint - and possibly a suggestion to fix it. Or you can just not use the attachment holder. 3) In either the turntable or vacuum cleaner scenarios, you can also take to social media and make a big deal about these flaws like many people do - I prefer to take these types of complaints directly to the manufacturer, first and see how they react... either we keep talking or I take to social media - they have a choice. 4) The brewer is not a design issue so does not qualify for any discussion.