I need help deciding what kindle to buy for my mother for Christmas. I just don't know which one would be best!?

I've tried looking into kindles, but there are so many and frankly, I just don't understand. She currently uses her Amazon kindle app and loves reading the free books it has to offer, but prefers buying Amazon kindle cards. She wants something light, lots of storage, no glare, and something that won't hurt her eyes to read. I'm just not sure how kindles work. If I get her a kindle can she still use her Amazon kindle cards? Will she get Amazon books for free or will I have to get her a subscription? i want her to be able to read her Amazon books. Please help if you're experienced with kindles. I really don't want to mess this up. I love my mom! I want it to be a nice surprise and she certainly deserves it.

Tim H

I like the kindle paper white it has a backlight you can adjust no glare at all. Lots of storage I have about 250 books on mine. Hope this helps.ps She can transfer all her books to the kindle as long as she has an amazon account. It’s a whole lot easier than the app


buy her a diamond ring from a pawn shop. they is cheap and she won't know its second hand.