Can I wear a long sleeve shirt under a Pizza Hut uniform as a cook?

I’m wanting to get a job there, so just wondering.


No. Long sleeves get dragged through dirty surfaces and dirty water and then onto toppings in the make table and then onto pizzas you make. Long sleeves are high risk for contaminating the food and are prohibited for cooks. That's why there are no long-sleeve uniform shirts for cooks. If you're a driver, yes, there are long-sleeve uniform options. But for a cook, no way. It's what Pizza Hut management calls a critical deviation. A manager can actually get automatically fired for allowing a cook to wear long sleeves, like if an area manager or someone from corporate comes in and sees it. In practice, some cooks, many cooks, particularly in delivery/carry-out stores, do get away with wearing thermals under uniform shirts if they keep their sleeves pushed up to their elbows. But the manager is taking a risk that they might lose their job if someone comes in and decides to make an issue of it. Still, cold cooks constantly complaining about being freezing cold in deliver/carry-out stores that in the winter time often hovered around 60 degrees where I'm from can be and often are persuasive. Sorry, "stores" are what Pizza Hut calls its restaurants.


Probs not you would have to ask your manager


Probably not, for reasons that others here have explained, but some managers may allow it, if you get the job, you can just ask if you can or not.