Do Democrats like being thanked by Coyotes for preventing Trump from building a wall so they can continue to make money?



News flash.. the wall WILL BE BUILT! The ball IS in dems court! Trump has gone about as far as he will go!


I've never spoken with a coyote. I talk to my dog sometimes and I swear he understands me.


So you want me to believe a Coyote? The wall would not stop it. It certainly would not stop drugs. Trump's wrong in saying drug smugglers don’t or only rarely use official border crossings for their trafficking. Land ports of entry are their primary means for getting drugs into the country, not stretches of the border without barriers, says the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration.


This is another pathetic troll attempt, looks like the skilled trolls are long gone.


Democrats don't care about criminals entering this country


Democrats are for effective border security, not for an ineffective medieval solution that won't work in the 21st century.


The Coyotes cannot be stopped by a wall. Besides, today the intelligence officers did not even say anything about the border with Mexico when they talk about threats to this country. They did talk about Russian hacking and interference with the 2020 election, which is denied by Trump.


yet, more proof that Americans always put money above common-sense.