Booth vs Table?

I have always wondered why people dining in restaurants always seem to prefer a booth to a table. Nine times out of ten, when I hear a hostess ask for a customer's preference, they want a booth. And I have often seen people, after being led to a table, insist on being switched to a booth. Or sometimes they will actually wait for a booth to open up rather than sit at a table. Why is this? I, myself, prefer a table so I can situate my chair the way I want it. In a booth you usually get a worn out seat and end up sitting lower than you would normally like, and a lot of times, you end up too close or too far from the table. Any thoughts?


In a booth, I have both greater visual privacy and greater auditory privacy. As I get older and don't hear as well in a noisy place, it makes a big difference. Also, in booths there's a place to put my coat. People walking past don't hit the back of my chair or step on the strap of my purse. I don't need to push my chair in as far as is possible to allow service staff to get past me. It's just more comfortable in every way.

Steven S

Privacy. You are not sitting out in the open with everyone looking at you.


In a booth you don't feel like you're in the middle of traffic, and you have a bit more elbow room.


Because with a booth other people can only walk on two sides at the most(usually just one) at a table they can walk on all 4 sides


I prefer a booth because I do not like to sit in the middle of the room where people can just stare at you. It makes me uncomfortable. Also, I like the booth because it is more comfortable. Think of it this way, would you go out to dinner or lunch just to feel uneasy and uncomfortable or would you rather have a nice meal?


Booth; more privacy and elbow room.

Philip V

I prefer a booth. It's softer and you get more room.

Jerry S



Table. I don't like feeling like a small child sitting at a booth were the seat is low and the table is higher. Plus, my knees hurt and side stepping to sit and get up hurts a bit.




I prefer a booth because of the comfortable padding, and because it feels like you're closed off from the rest of the place (plus someone mentioned in a chair, you will have people constantly walking behind you, and maybe even bumping you). But I don't really care.


Because they fel like it gives them more room, and also more privacy.


Booths are more comfortable and give you more privacy.